From getting caught in a thunderstorm hiking to creating engaging designs, my enthusiasm and sense of adventure keep me embracing challenges.

My Story


I follow a process-oriented approach to design, starting with multiple concept sketches. Projects are strengthened by not committing to one direction too quickly, and by seeking input from others in early stages. My design process is playful and explorative from the start, while constantly being aware of the project goal and guidelines.

I excel in collaborative and dynamic work environments, where interaction with others across all departments helps push my work into new directions. That being said, I am also very self-motivated and can work efficiently with minimal guidance.

When I'm not sketching, you can find me wandering my neighborhood or taking walks to the zoo. Traveling locally and abroad is an inspiration that I seek out every day. I have a passion for exploring new cities & cultures and being active outdoors. 


Quick-learning & constant learner. I’ve taught myself numerous online platforms for building stores and websites, and have reached out to printing companies and other design professionals to keep up to date. Upon becoming senior designer at oneVessel, I jumped into trade show design. I collaborated with our marketing staff, and attended trade shows to immerse myself in the design.

I’m quick to learn tasks out of my job requirements as are needed in a small company to make the business run efficiently. 

When problems arise, I'm able to quickly identify multiple potential solutions and recommend an approach to resolve them and reach our goal. 

Collaborative with people not in design. While working at a small company, I was constantly working with the sales and administrative staff to make sure that our company mission was getting across. I’ve facilitated & organized meetings for the company: developing designs for future catalogs and getting feedback on catalogs & web. Across companies of all sizes, I work with the whole team to communicate our message in a beautiful way that our client can relate to.

Good time management. During busy seasons weeks at work, I organize my work day to make constant progress on long-term projects while keeping up with short-term assignments and pop-up tasks. I anticipate future tasks, and start long-lead work ahead of time. I continually research future trends, and study concepts and techniques that will help me in my role.

Multi-tasker & versatile. Working at a small company strengthened my ability to switch between job tasks and oversee numerous concurrent projects. As the lead designer for trade show, catalog, and web design for both wholesale and retail clients, I ensured that all of our material supported our company goals. I kept our content cohesive while still being interesting, innovative, and engaging.

Seek out inspiration and participant in the design community. I have used the greater design and art scene in Seattle as inspiration: AIGA events, letterpress & typography classes at SVC, and letterpress workshops in Seattle. In college I was a frequent participant in AIGA events, including a 2-time Reality check attendee. I was also selected to present on motion design at Western Washington University's Design Week.

Self-Driven. I can manage complex projects with minimal supervision.