Shop oneVessel

Role: Layout design, implementation in Shopify, inventory management, content creation, and sale programming.  

One of my first projects at oneVessel was to create an online store for retail customers. Previously oneVessel's presence was strong in the wholesale world but they didn’t have a venue for connecting directly to retail customers. I was tasked with designing a web store, using a platform that I was not familiar with. I challenged myself to learn the platform inside and out, and created all of the content to add to our store.

Over the years, I made sure that the site stayed up to date and appealing to current and prospective customers. It grew to be an important component of the company, and I built up oneVessel’s social media strategy to keep our retail customers engaged. 

oneVessel Homepage

Role: Layout design, implementation in Squarespace, design of private client pages, content management, and content creation.  

Separate from the oneVessel online store, I built a home base for the oneVessel brand using Squarespace. It was primarily directed towards existing and prospective wholesale customers, while encouraging retail viewers to visit the online store or connect with oneVessel on social media.

The site contained generic information about oneVessel's variety of drinkware programs. I also maintained private pages for existing customers to help them build custom programs, with specific pricing information. Content was updated frequently to showcase newest designs and body styles.

Email Campaigns

Role: Hand lettering, Photoshoot direction, layout design, and Mailchimp formatting.  

I oversaw all aspects of making marketing emails to engage with oneVessel retail and wholesale customers.

As lead designer, I was responsible for directing the design and illustration of all email content such as photos, copy, and hand lettering. The content needed to be consistently bright and eye-catching to our readers. 

I worked with other departments to plan future campaigns, talking with the sales staff to reach out to target customers. Every email campaign was then analyzed for opening rates and customer engagement, so future campaigns could be improved.